What’s next??? Oh just redoing something Awesome to make it even more Awesome! #work #mohmman


I noticed the mixed reactions over Alfred in Gotham. I’m fine with them playing it differently. I mean really we’ve had so many proper Alfreds, so many really good Alfreds, I can see wanting to do something a bit different.

I think people are forgetting Alfred had to raise Bruce himself. A frustrating task. Plus he has his own past. Some versions say he was in the military and etc. So he’s seen some stuff and been through a lot. If you can come out prim and proper after those things you are one bad mofo. I mean seriously do you think if Alfred saw little Bryce doing something wrong he’d sit there like “No Master Bruce. Please stop this at once.” No he’d prolly give him a whipping. We know Alfred as Bruce’s adviser, but it had to be years before Alfred saw Bruce as man.